Advocating for music in your school system

A revised school governors guide to music education, ‘Music: a guide for governing boards’ has been published by Arts Council England (ACE) in partnership with the National Governors Association (NGA) and Music Mark. This document provides valuable information for governors of schools across England about the importance, benefits, and value of music education within and beyond a curriculum.

Music should notbe seen by governors as a curriculum subject alone, and therefore the guide also helps emphasise why schools should look at the wider musical learning on offer and how they can connect with other local providers by becoming part of the local Music Education Hub. It is hoped that there will be a better understanding across the country of how these hub partnerships can add significant value to the music offer within a school, including helping pupils and teachers to connect with the local community.

Although written with English schools in mind, we believe that this document provides huge value for any school. Download a copy of the guide, and give it to those who have influence in your local school.

Download your copy today from the Arts Council England website.

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